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Crude Markets & Rail Takeaway Summit Canada 2013

Canada has 175 billion barrels of proven oil reserves and is now on the brink of a potential 'golden age' of crude production.

For producers to realize the profit potential of this opportunity however, price differentials on Canadian crude must be reduced; and rail is a big part of the solution.

Following bottle-necking on pipelines taking product out of the region, rail has experienced unprecedented growth and has already provided access to markets previously inaccessible to Canadian producers. The growth of both the E&P and rail industries continues at a furious pace with new developments making Canadian crude marketing an ever-changing landscape. The mission of the Crude Markets & Rail Takeaway Summit Canada 2013 is to enable E&P, rail, pipeline and processing operators capitalize on these changes by being first to market on investment opportunities and the first to find out about new market infrastructure developments.

This congress will determine the future role rail will play moving forward by delivering the very latest updates on rail investment and construction plans and by quantifying how these developments will affect markets and pricing for Canadian crude. Speakers at the conference will also detail the economics of moving Canadian crude by rail, examine how rail and pricing will be affected if the Keystone XL pipeline is approved and assess both East and West Coast export opportunities for marketing crude in international markets, detailing every critical aspect from transport capacity to export terminals to the outlook of Asian markets.

Experts from across North America will provide such in depth insight clearly examining the future of Canadian crude and how it can reach markets where it will receive optimal netback.

What's New For The Agenda In 2013?

  • RAIL ECONOMICS: Introducing a comprehensive analysis of the rail economics for transporting crude by rail to assess it's commerciality compared to pipelines
  • RAIL REGULATIONS: Assessing the regulatory requirements behind transporting crude by rail to ensure construction projects can go ahead
  • EXPORT FOCUS:  Greater focus on solutions for exporting Canadian crude to international markets including Asia and Europe
  • COKING CAPACITY: Detailed perspective on the coking capacity located in the US to quantify markets for heavy oil
  • CALIFORNIAN MARKETS: Examining how Canadian crude producers can capitalize on Californian demand by using shipping or rail to create new marketing channels


"Good focus on crude and condensate"


Why Attend This Over Others? What's New?

The Crude Markets & Rail Takeaway Summit 2013 has been designed to specifically examine how rail expansion can help reduce price differentials on Western Canadian crude.

The Summit will host speakers delivering the very latest rail developments being proposed and constructed for taking crude by rail to key North American markets. Solutions will be provided for how to select optimal transport options in light of the changing pricing and market dynamics options, examine the latest rail loading, offloading and transloading projects, as well as determine the role rail will play if Keystone XL gets approved to determine how the project can be capitalized upon.

To alleviate the bottle-necking and saturated markets being experienced in Northern America, the importance of exporting Canadian crude to international markets is becoming ever more crucial. Therefore, speakers will also assess the current and future capabilities available for exporting Canadian product to Asia and Europe and open up lucrative new markets for crude.

This summit will be attended by all E&Ps in Western Canada who are actively looking to increase netback for their crude and reduce price differentials. It will also be attended by midstream executives who want to identify and assess the risks of the very latest midstream investment opportunities resulting from the shale oil boom.

Key Topics Also Being Addressed This Year Include...

CRUDE BY RAIL PROJECTS & MARKETS: Quantifying the current and future capacity of crude by rail transport to take advantage of price differentials and ensure Western Canadian produce reaches profitable markets

RAIL & KEYSTONE XL: Establishing the economic viability of rail if Keystone XL gets approved to assess the long term value of rail

REFINERY SPECIFICATIONS FOR LIGHT & HEAVY CRUDE: Assessing the current capacity of key refinery hubs across the US and which types of Canadian crude are being accepted to pinpoint optimal markets

PRACTICALITIES OF RAIL EXPANSION: Solutions for managing the economics, costs, regulations and logistics of expanding rail infrastructure to speed up development

IMPACTS ON PRICING DIFFERENTIALS: Examining how new rail developments will impact pricing differentials for Canadian crude in the main US markets

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